Verizon – Droid Snowbot Game


Sound Design  + Game Design + UX +  Animation + DOOH

With the successful launch of the Andriod devices, Verizon set out to amplify their efforts for the holidays with the “Snowbot Challenge” digital touchscreen game.

In the game, players are challenged by a Snowbot to a snowball fight and assume the role of the opponent Snowbot. They then defend themselves by touching the screen to move their Snowbot hands and catch the incoming snowballs thrown but the enemy Snowbot.

Initials Designs

Created by the design team


Original robot sequences created by animation designers.

I then took the initial animations and created a simple animatic to show how the game sequence will work. This was used by the game developers to build the framework for gameplay.

I then used this sequence to start the sound design.

Sound Design

Once the initial character animations were complete and I had a good understanding of the game flow, I then created a simple animatic to show the game’s starting sequence. This was then used by the game developers to inform the gameplay.

From this animatic and character animations, I create over 100 original audio elements to be included in the game some of which you can listen to below.


Beeps, Buttons & Alerts


Robot Movements

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