Hi, and thanks for dropping by.

I experiment with Technology & Business

Currently, I am playing with ideas and asking the question: What makes life successful? Through Hospitality, Real Estate, Film/Video, Augmented Reality, and Community, I aim to find solutions.

As much as I learn, I find time to always share my knowledge.

Most days, I am focused on innovations that bring people together, building tech products and shows, and mentoring startups.

From time to time, I collaborate with other businesses and creators, helping them understand digital transformation, experience design, strategy, product, and brand development. On the other end, working on films, producing, directing, and sound. These all happen through Push Media, my Creative Consultancy.

I have been fortunate to lead and produce some of today’s top interactive and technology projects with some of the world’s biggest brands.

Sometimes I create music, art, and photography. These allow me to enjoy work and play while creating, innovating, and loving life. The simple things are essential.

I love building genuine relationships, learning, and leading with empathy. I am always open to having conversations about innovative ideas, and I am always about good people. 

You can send an email directly to supfabes[at]heypush.com or contact me on LinkedinInstagram